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2nd Volleyball Tournament was held successfully!

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On Saturday, 20th of April 2019, ISU organized 2nd Volleyball Tournament at Qiming Volleyball Court with 10 teams representing international students of ZJNU. It was organized by the ISU Activity Committee. Before the event, organizing team gathered to set the court in place. The team arranged water from the office in order to quench the thirst of the players, referees and the volunteers. There were more than 100 students participating and watching the tournament.

The teams were divided into two groups, which comprised of five teams in a group and each team in the group had a chance to play with all the teams in their respective groups.After fierce competition, two teams from each group, team 1, team 4, team 7 and team 8, were qualified to go to semi-final.

At semi-final, team 1 played against team 7 while team 8 played against team 4. Every team tried to pave their way to honor. In the end, team 7 and 8 had to compete for the 3rd place and congratulations to team 7 who won the third place. And team 1 and 4 had showed a fierce and wonderful final game for the audience. After 3 rounds, team 1 finally won the championship and team 4 placed second in the tournament!

Around 4 p.m, we held the award ceremony for the winners. Terry, leader of Activity Committee, did us the honor by presenting Bronze Medal to the third team, followed by Seada, leader of Secretary Committee, who also honored Silver medalist with their medals. Then after, ISU president, Denny, presented gold medals to the champions.

First Place

Second Place

Third Place

It was full of fun with especially supporters and players having the most fun. Smiles on their face could speak much of their excitement and also great encouragement for us.

We would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Mr.Zhu and Mrs.Liang for their support. And all our ISU members who supported massively and volunteered to make it a successful tournament. We also would like to express our thanks for the referees who made the tournament professional and the audience who made the tournament complete.

Thank you, references!!!

Words: Terry, Robin孙伯彦

Photos: Denny, Michael, Robin