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The 1st “Internet Plus” Innovation Competition Concluded Successfully

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On the evening of April 25, 2019, the final of the 1st Internet + International Student Innovation Competition of Economic and Management College was successfully held in Innovation Center of Zhejiang Normal University. The guests and judges of this competition are Mr. Liu Yuan, Deputy Director of International Office, Ms. Ma Li, Deputy Director of the Student Affairs Office, Ms. Xu Ying, Deputy Secretary of Economics and Management College, Mr. Duan Wenqi, Deputy Dean of Economics and Management College, Mr. Zheng Xiaoyong, Director of MBA Center of Economics and Management College, and Ms. Zhang Qiaowen, Professor of Economics and Management College.

Since the competition was launched in March, it took one month from the preliminary competition to the final, and eight projects were selected for the final competition. There were two parts in the final, namely 8-minute project report and 5-minute on-site defense.

Each team presented the project in terms of project background, market and competition analysis, marketing strategy, business model, risk control, financial status and social benefits. The judges asked questions and made comments on the feasibility, competitive advantage and corporate strategy of each team's business plan.

The team projects have given full play to the role ofInternet in promoting industrial upgrading, and promoted in-depth integration of Internet with trade, education, consumption, life, tourism and other aspects, showingdivergent thinking and horizon of Chinese and foreign students in our school. After fierce competition, 1 team won first prize, 2 teams were awarded 2nd prize , 3 teams were named winners of 3rd prize and 2 teams got winning prize.

In the section of judges reviewing, Prof. Liu Yuan affirmed the hard work and achievements of 8 teams. In the meantime, he pointed out that Chinese and foreign business cooperation will be beneficial for students to have business ideas, more constructive to making full use of different countries under the global background of talent exchange to promote the development of innovative entrepreneurial business. Prof. Liu Yuan also hoped that Chinese and foreign students can communicate their business ideas more closely.

Aim of this competition is to stimulateenthusiasm of international students at our school for innovation and entrepreneurship, fully motivate innovation spirit and ability of international students. At the same time, the competition can select and cultivate outstanding projects for the 5th Internet + Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition of Zhejiang. The competition attracted nearly 80 international and Chinese students from 6 colleges, including College of Economics and Management, College of Engineering, College of Mathematics, College of Education, College of International and College of Foreign Languages.