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Result of Spring at ZJNU Photo Competition

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After a week of being exhibited and voting process the 'Spring at ZJNU Photo Competition' has been successfully concluded. 37 participants submitted the photos that reflects Spring at ZJNU. According to the polls from people and a review from the Multimedia Committee of ISU-EM, we hereby announce the final results of the competition.

First Prize

NO.12 Nahid Hossain

Final Poll= Vote: 551 + Multimedia: 210=771

Second Prize 二等奖

NO.37 Alena Popova

Final Poll=Vote:463+Multimedia:75=538

Second Prize 二等奖

NO.6 Winyuchon Doungsupha

Final Poll=Vote:388+Multimedia:80=468

Third Prize 三等奖

NO.26 Elyousfi Ahmed 沈伟

Final Poll=Vote:396+Multimedia:20=416

Third Prize 三等奖


Final Poll=Vote:381+Multimedia:20=401

Third Prize 三等奖

NO.5 Hardy Kaniye

Final Poll=Vote:382+Multimedia:0=382

Congratulations to the 6 participants above. They will get certificates and wonderful prizes.And the following are the 6 photos which also received several votes. We are glad to award you the Winning Prize and gifts!

NO.4 Nourah Alalawi

Polls 319

NO.9 Ruvini Batuwangala

Polls 291


Polls 291

NO.19 lakmal eranda Kumara

Polls 274

NO.3 Rediet Belay

Polls 266

NO.10 Raymonde Kapambwe

Polls 264

Words: Robin孙伯彦