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The Academic Salon

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The International Students’ Academic Salon organized by ZJNU, aimed at giving students from different departments a chance to share a story on their respective academic journeys and area of interest. The event was well attended, and participants were actively engaged, and interacted with presenters.

Professors of ZJNU was also part of the program.

The presenters are:

Edeh Emmanuel Chidiebere – Brought up the Cultural Aspect of the Belt and Road Initiative, which he said was widely recognized as an important mechanism for deepening bilateral and multilateral cooperation, promoting better understanding and building a common future for mankind.

Haidak Gaston – presented on the improvement of the efficiency of Axial piston Machines, which is a component used in various domains. Among other things, he went over his reasons and methodology, the software used for the simulation, how to verify the accuracy of the results: by building a test rig.

Keita Aboubacar – Online Photography Service System

Magaretha Monica – Belt and Road Initiative

Lewis Bongani Tafadzwa Lusuwi – Masters in Biology Plant Genetics Major. 

He presented on his studies which involve Plant genetics. His Lab has identified a gene that is important for photosynthesis in rice, and they have isolated the homolog genes in maize, and created mutant species of maize that has potential for having an improved photosynthesis system and thus will have higher yields. From his presentation it is clear to see that Current results are promising

Reza K. M. Saief –  Spoke to us about Solar Rain water Automatic Washing Device Design  specification – brand new invention for washing cars automatically by  using rain water and solar energy at the same time. This device will  also reduce pollution caused by direct discharge of sewage.

Mutaki Muleka Jean – Modification of an Ordinary Electric Bike

Aomari Younes –  Although his major is mechanical engineering, he chose to write about  something different because of its importance in our lives. He  underlined the importance of not only thinking short-term when making  decisions, but being wise and keeping the future in mind. “Making  decisions is important to increase our leadership capacity and success  rate, and that’s what everyone is aiming for.”

Sidi Brahim El Maalouma –  Introduced research about a new method of detecting the Erythrocyte  Sedimentation Rate (ESR) by Electrical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS).   ESR is a type of blood test employed to detect certain diseases and  determining the components of blood and the speed of sedimentation. She  highlighted the method of using an electrical system (impedance analyzer  + cuvette with two electrodes + computer); and doing experiments with  blood using relaxion frequency to further examine ESR.

Mayas Sultan Hussein –  Brought his entrepreneurial spirit to us, and gave us some insight into  how he turned his dream of owning a restaurant into reality. Salam  Restaurant is proof of his labor. He stated that the main factors he  considered before embarking on this venture were passion and  profitability, having a sense of freedom by being his own boss, choosing  the right team, and helping to build the community.