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Sweet Memory on Chocolate Making

来源 : lxslaoshi     作者 : 

Words: Masum, Justicia, Robin孙伯彦

Photos: Masum, Robin孙伯彦

On April 24th, ISU organized Chocolate Making Event at Guiyuan Cafeteria. It was organized by Living committee of the ISU.

The event had 2 parts. The first one was the actual chocolates making and second one was lively games. More than 30 people attended this event working in 10 different groups. Each group had 3-4 members.

The recipe used to make the chocolates was quite simple, and if you have missed this event you shold try it at home with these ingredients:

Cocoa Butter 100g ;

Cocoa Powder 30g ;

Milk 70g ;

Sugar Powder (the amount is up to you) ;

On top of the ingredients above, we also needed hot water to melt cocoa butter. After melting it, we poured half of our milk in the same bowl. Later, added half of the cocoa powder at the right time. Then, we repeated the same process until all the ingredients were used. When the mix was smooth enough, we added sugar powder according to our taste.

After half an hour of hard work, groups finished making their chocolate batch. Every group ran into different problems during the process. But each one of them were able to make delicious chocolates in different shapes.

And 2 days later, all the participants got their chocolates.