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ZJNU International Students attend 2019 World Young Scientists Summit (Wenzhou)

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On October 26, 2019 World Young Scientists Summit(Wenzhou),  jointly held by China Association for Science and Technology and Government of Zhejiang Province, was held in Wenzhou, Zhejiang Province, with the theme of Gathering talents from all over the world to make a better future.

“Youth π round table meeting” is a very meaningful activity of this summit which convened young talents, focusing on future entrepreneurship, future education, future health, future intelligent manufacturing and future resources, and held five different cross-border round-table conference. The future education branch hosted by our University is presided by Yang Yuliang, member of Chinese Academy of Sciences and former president of Fudan University. With the theme of “Education Reform in the era of Intelligence”, the branch discussed the core issues closely related to future education, and a consensus on future education development was formed through multidimensional and thinking collision and multilevel special discussion.

Taking the opportunity of hosting the future education Round-table Conference, we, ZJNU actively organizes and mobilizes foreign experts working in school, as well as domestic and foreign experts visiting or training in school to participate in the summit, demonstrating the advantages and characteristics of our University.

 “I was deeply touched by George Smoot’s speech about Gravitational Wave: black hole merger and dual neutron star merger”, said Cospa, one of the participators of our college. As a youth, we should adhere to the attitude of studying strictly, thinking diligently and following the development of the times, and strive to make more outstanding scientific achievements in the future.

The 2019 World Young Scientists(Wenzhou)Summit strongly broaden our students’ horizon and give them more confidence and motivation to focus on their major learning and put the spirit of this summit in to reality, as well as making full use of their responsibility to let the dream of meeting each other for a better future come true.

Students Perception towartds the conference


CHO AKUM NDI, the Ph.D student of 2019 computer science and technologyCameroon):

WORLD YOUNG SCIENTIST SUMMIT (WENZHOU) which I had the privilege to take part in was a gathering together of great minds invited as speakers to discuss key areas of science, engineering, technology innovation and society, with special attention to the effective integration of young scientific and technological talents, as well as the development of private economy in Zhejiang, and including the promotion of the project of young scientific and technological talents to meet the industry. Given the opportunity to participate made it possible to hear what some of the great minds had to share and what I could take home from this event was how to approach my research work as an aspiring young scientist. Although it was a very brief experience, and I had hope for more, yet I didn’t leave from there empty. The talk given by the Nobel Prize laureate in physics, George Fitzgerald Smoot II and the VP of Alibaba Group, including the discussion panel between Nobel laureates and Young Scientists gave me plenty to ride home with. I am thankful for such opportunity and look forward to more such inspirational encounters.


ACHAAB GODWIN FERGUSON, the senior of 2016 computer science and technology(Ghana):

It was a pleasure to see myself in the midst of the world scientist. It was a great opportunity for me to enlighten myself with the speech given by some of the world young scientist.

I got more empowered when Shi Yigong, vice president of China Association for Science and Technology and president of Westlake University and Dr. Duncan Haldane - 2016 Nobel Prize Winner in Physics declaring on sustainable development goals, which will serve as guidelines for youth to address global challenges and implement sustainable development goals.

Their words encourage me to give my best and realizing my dreams, so as to lead the social and economic development with sci-tech innovation.



Golden Tendekai Mumanikidzwa, the junior of 2017 computer science and technology(Zimbabwe):

The 2019 World Young Scientist(Wenzhou) Summit is a conference organized by the China Association and Technology and the People’s Government of Zhejiang Province, held on October 26 and 27 in Wenzhou. The main aim was to invite world’s top scientist and outstanding you scientists to share their thoughts and discuss on the topic of science, human and the future. Being one of the students to attend such a great event was a privilege to me as I got the chance to see some of the most prominent scientist in the entire world, including two Nobel Prize Winners, yes, two of them!

Moreover, I also got the chance to see the great Jia Yangqing. He is currently the Vice President of Alibaba group and known for his role as a research scientist at Google Brain where he worked on computer vision, deep learning and Tensor Flow. I also learnt some important life lessons from the summit, these include the priceless advice by Professor Duncan Haldane (2016 Nobel Prize Winner) who said we should “learn how to think”.

Even though our time at the summit was cut short, I say with great confidence that the one session that we attended was worthy and could possibly change our lives and the way we see the world.


YAKUBU ABDULAI, the sophomore of 2018 computer science and technology(Ghana):

These summit was a blessing to anyone who was part. It was really a great experience which broaden my horizon and capacity of thinking how one should work hard. I was so encouraged anytime I looked into the eyes of the professors, how far they’ve gone and how positive impact they put into the world and young scientist as a whole. According to the vice president of Alibaba group; “One should keep learning, the more you learned the more you know” and that implies how technology works, the more we know more data the more we give AI to function properly and work like a human being. “Learn how think” by professor Haldane , this phrase inspired me to always have a second look into problems not just concluding at the first look but to also have deep understanding before concluding. Not only did I listen to the professor but also have deep understanding how one should focus on achieving something even if that thing will take longer, it worth to achieve it. The summit inspired me more not to give up and also help solve the world challenges to make the future better and better.


ELYOUSFI AHMED, the sophomore of 2018 software engineering (Morocco)

Thanks ZJNU, and our college to give me this precious chance to go to such a world level summit, personally I liked it too much and we know each other more (PhD and master students),  and for sure the most important part it’s the conference. I learned a lot of things from it like: Don’t accept anything without asking why, and I learned that the effort and questions that lead us as scientists is much more important than the solution itself, thank you so much for the trust and support of ZJNU and our MC College.