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Chocolate Making Activity

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The Chocolate Making Activity is no doubt the sweetest and most delicious activity of ISU. It was successfully held on 16th of November, at Xinguan Canteen.

This event came for the second time for ISU members and ZJNU students after a lot of requests from the last semester to have this activity again.

Even though the interest of both international and Chinese students was high (with more than 70 applications in 2 days), this activity could only host 40 participants.

Participants were provided all the ingredients by Economics and Management Collage and needed materials with the help of Xingyuan Canteen. The recipe was very easy but very delicious at the end.

In the activity were 10 different teams, with 4 members each. Members were separated into teams randomly making possible not only to cook but know and interact with each other as well.

The process went very smoothly, and you could tell that the chocolate was really delicious from the empty plates and happy faces of all participants. 

Activity Impression

Monica (one of participants from Indonesia) said “This is my first time making chocolate, a fun and delicious activity.  I didn't expect that preparing chocolate could be so simple, moreover the final product looked great! Chocolate making introduced me to a new level of cooperation and opened my eyes to the beauty of life both in Zhejiang Normal University and ISU. I like that ISU provides me with more opportunities to participate in such activities.”

Apologizing for all those students who wanted to be part, but couldn’t, due to limited spots because of logistical issues, ISU promises many other activities in the future as successful as this. And invites you all to stay tuned and join us in the upcoming events.