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Renju Chess Experience Activity

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On November 16th, ISU organized Renju activity at 27th of building. It was part of the English-Chinese corner from Learning Committee. Many international students applied for the activity. More than 30 international students got experience about Renju.

Something about  the Renju chess game

01 The history

Renju originated from the times of legends Yao and Shun and it’s been around for 4000 years. It is one of the traditional black and white chess in ancient China. It was also introduced into Northern Korea and Japan with Go in the Southern and Northern Dynasties and later became an international match!

02 The rules

1)Renju has black(113) and white(112) chess, oblate in shape.

2)Chess board is composed of 15 parallel lines, vertically and horizontally intersected at equal distance.

3)There are 225 intersection points in total.

4)A point in the center of the disk is called the Tianyuan

5)The first black chess can be placed on the Tianyuan, whilst the white one can be placed on any of the 8 points close to the Tianyuan.

6)The second piece of the black can be placed on the 5*5 points close to the Tianyuan and the second white piece can be placed anywhere.

 7)The first one who 5 pieces of the same color forms a vertical or horizontal line or diagonal WINS!!!

Wonderful senses

It was held for two hours, from 6 p.m to 8 p.m. During which time, students familiarized themselves with the rules and history of Renju, how to play and how to win it. International students also played with Chinese teachers.

Activity Impression

Shyleen Kone tho (one of participants from Zimbabwe) said “Everyone played with a Chip over their shoulder (everyone had something to prove) .I have come to a conclusion that every Renju was once a beginner .Everything went well and almost everyone was a winner because we all learnt from each other . The atmosphere was intriguing and totally exciting. Everyone who was there can define for you what FUN refers to. ”

Abdulhakim (one of participants from Somalia) said”I'd like to thank ISU volunteers for their contribution and organizing such amazing activity to introduce us one of the best intellectual games in whole world, it has benefited the young men and women who has participated, July, your kind gesture meant a lot and we have learnt a lot from your presentation , not to forget the volunteers as well they were very friendly and spoke good English and helped us. Fifi is the cutest of all, we have played together and it was great experience.I had enjoyed the game, I love Renju. Tomorrow afternoon I have appointment with friends to play Renju with him, thanks to all of you.Thanks July, you have taken major role to introduce us to this game, keep doing what you doing, looking forward to our next meeting.”