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The Third Talent Show Concluded Successfully

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We are family--ISU


Hey guys! Have you heard our ISU’s big event--Talent Show? At 5 p.m. Nov. 24th, in the lecture hall, many talented boys and girls  had  shown  their  talents.

On this exciting night, Mr. Zhu hongyang,Mr. Fu Ting, Ms.Liang Jiayan,  Ms.Ye Hangdan, Ms.Zhang Qiaofang, Tojohery, Tantian served as the judges of this show, making an important contribution to our talent show. It was their presence that makes our Talent Show more colorful.

Due to the wonderful performance of the contestants, the lecture hall was flooded with a delightful atmosphere. These performances including dance, singing, Rap and oral skill. When 16 performances and games were played one after another, applause and screams had buried the whole lecture hall. We believe that our Talent Show will be better and better. If you are interested in it, welcome to join us at any time!

It must be said that this was a feast for eyes, ears as well as minds! Everyone who attended spent delightful time enjoying themselves. 

Are you ready?

Now let's enjoy the part of participates' photos.



Frist prize



NashDiyanaMy Heart will go on

Second Prize

HP Dance GroupBollywood Dance

NanaIf This Isn't Love

FrankYou are awesome

RazVossi Bop

TachyCrazy for you

Third Prize

Ahmed El yousfi 沈伟Freestyle


Augsinaj & Jet & BenG-Ben

Mohammed ArbajIndian Dance


Bapi Biswas & MehdiShei Tumi Keno Ato Ochena Hole

Shamie & Amina & Linah & DokuDee flowers

DavidTime boy

Activity Impression

Chen Lingone of the hosts from China ) said


NashDiyana (one of performers from Brunei ) said

I have always passion in performing for people especially Singing for nearly 10 years now. I have always feel that by singing, it is one of the way to connect to other people. If it makes people happy,  it makes me even happier and that's the main reason why I love to perform because music unites people.

Monica (one of the audiences from Indonesia) said

I really like and enjoy this year's talent show. The hosts are very good at doing their job, they talk and interact with the audience well. All the beautiful decoration that's been sticked by the organization made the event more lively. From this event we discover a lot of amazing talent, singer, dancer, rapper, guitarist we have all of them in our beloved ZJNU. What impressed me the most is that every year I can witness amazing talented new students who confidently show their talents as well as their country's characteristic . I think that it's better to also add some games while we wait for the results, also make the preparation for the games more carefully and make sure that every game is worth a try.

What values yourselves isn't rank, but is the memory you have gained. Likewise, through the talent show, we truly established is the emotion of our big family.