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"GOLDEN HOUR" International Students' Photo Competition

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Everyone has own golden hour, a moment of victory at the finish line, a sweet moment to take a photo with their family, a moment of excitement when their wishes come true, a moment of grace when their dance moves are frozen, a moment of wonder when their smiles are captured, and a moment of glory when everything shines at sunrise. A total of 56 works were collected in this photography competition, and we selected 33 photos that accord with requirements and hanged them in the hall of building 27 for the public to vote during 25th November to 1st December. After a week of the "GOLDEN HOUR" International Students' Photo Exhibition, the third photo competition has been successfully concluded. According to the polls from Student Affair Office, the public and a review from the Multimedia Committee of ISU-EM, the final results of the competition have been produced .

First Prize / 一等奖


Second Prize / 二等奖



Third Prize / 三等奖

Kelvin Chimtengo

Abeidy Mohamed val

Kelvin Chimtengo

Congratulations to the 6 participants above. They will get certificates and wonderful prizes. And at the same time, thanks to all the participants in this photo competition, ISU-EM will continue to hold the photo competition and more and better activities.

Let's enjoy part of wonderful photos.

Ahmed Fawaz Al-sabri

Kelvin Chimtengo

Omaima Tazlaft

Bri elghalia

Alexandra Andrade