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2020 New Year Gala

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ZJNU’s 2020 New year gala brought to the fore performances by many talented students. The audience was treated to various acts such as singing - from jazz to country music, to Chinese classical music, and RnB - by artists such as Domino, Otilia and others; dance choreography by The Finest Dance Crew and more, and a Fashion show showcasing the diversity of cultures represented at ZJNU . There was also a special cultural display from students from Tibet. All performances were met with resounding applause by Gala attendees. 


Domino, Otilia and others

16 shot

The Finest  crew dance

Heart of the mind

Incredible dance performance by students from Tibet Autonomous Region, under the guidance of professor Bai Lei (白檑).

Indo-Bangla fusion dance

Instrument playing and singing by students of International college

Teacher along with students perform the song Moss & I like Flowers

Excellent students from various colleges received awards for their diligence in academics in the categories: Outstanding International Student Award, Academic Innovation Award, International Student Cadre, Social Services Excellence Award, Culture and Sports, and Best behaved (Civilized) dormitory student award.                 

Fashion Show

Students from the College of International Culture and Education, College of Mathematics and Computer Science and College of Economics, together brought  a fashion show, displaying the traditional attires from their respective countries.

ZJNU’s 2019 Gala was yet again a success. It was a vibrant, energetic and well-executed show of the talent and excellence for which this school is known.


Editor: Abdullah - 高兴 (SMAG)

Photos: Kelvin, Fortune(SMAG)

Writer: David 大卫 (SMAG)

Reviewers: Michelle, Damarcia, Michael(SMAG)