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The Notification on ZJNU International Students’ Scholarship Application

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Colleges and research institutions:

In accordance with the relevant requirements of Zhejiang Provincial Government Regulations on Scholarship Administration for International Students in China and Zhejiang Normal University's Interim Regulations on Scholarship Administration for International Students, the following is the application notice of Zhejiang Provincial Government Scholarship and Zhejiang Normal University Scholarship for international students in 2020:


Ⅰ. Scholarship Setting

International Students can apply for Zhejiang Provincial Government Scholarship and Zhejiang Normal University Scholarship.The duration of the grant is one year.


Ⅱ. Application Requirements

1. The applicants must be officially registered international students, meanwhile the applicants must have never suspended or extended his or her schooling year in ZJNU. Language students who apply for the degree programs and international students of the graduating year who intend to apply for the higher level degree program could directly apply for the freshman scholarship, which are not included here.

2. The applicants must have never violated the laws and regulations of China and the disciplines and rules of ZJNU.

3. The applicants must have never received the no attendance warning, degree warning or drop out warning.

4. The applicants shouldn’t be in arrears with tuition fees and other payable fees .

5. The applicants have not received any other scholarships this year.



The applicants must meet at least one of the three requirements.

1. The applicants applying the ZJNU Scholarship Type C must rank in top 50%. The applicants applying Zhejiang Provincial Government Scholarships must rank in the top 30%. (The international students will rank separately.)

2. Actively participated in all kinds of campus cultural activities and social practice, actively participated in the student organizations, or be a class cadre, or actively cooperate with university’s international student recruitment, management and service work.

3. Actively participated in various competitions organized by the national, provincial, municipal or university’s organizations and achieved good ranking.


Ⅳ. Application Procedure:

1.Personal application. All colleges and research institutions are requested to do a good job in publicity, mobilize qualified students to apply and submit the Application Form for Scholarship for International Students of ZJNU.

2. Colleges review and evaluate. All colleges and research institutions should comprehensively consider the international students' compliance with all performance to conduct a ranking of them. After the ranking is determined, the information should be publicized for three days. If there is no objection, send the results to admission@zjnu.edu.cnbefore May 8th . The results should include the Summary List of Scholarship Application of International Students of ZJNU in 2020 and the students' application materials. Please arrange the list by grade according to the recommended ranking.

3.International Student Office will recheck and submit the results to the International Office Meeting for approval.

4. The final assessment results will be published on the university's international student recruitment website for no less than 5 working days.

5. After the end of the publicity, International Student Office would be in charge of the distribution of scholarships.

6. Special Note: Once students get the scholarship, they need to sign the Scholarship Notification Letter and pay off all the tuition fee before they can apply for the visa. Please all colleges inform the students to raise the necessary funds as soon as possible. If the fees are not paid, the scholarship will be cancelled.


Ⅴ. Application Materials

The applicants need to provide the following materials

1. International Students’ Scholarship Application Form;

2. The copy of passport;

3. The copy of official diploma and degree;

4. The copy of academic records;

5. Other materials which can prove applicants do well on study, PE, culture and art, public welfare activities, social activities or international student enrollment.


Ⅵ. Contact:

Administration north building Room 416 - International Students Office (2)

Tel: +86-579-82283155

E-mail: admission@zjnu.edu.cn

Website: http://iso.zjnu.edu.cn