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Guide for Online Registration and Courses

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Due to the COVID-19 epidemic, international students out of China Mainland are temporarily unable to come to ZJNU for Registration. In order to make full use of the learning time limit, ZJNU would open online registration for new students outside China. After registration, these students will be officially registered as ZJNU students, enrolled in their major and classes, and participate in online video teaching. After receiving the notice, students can choose to register online or delay the enrollment. If students agree to register online, they should reply to the email and upload relevant materials before September 30th, 2020 to complete the online registration. Students who choose delay enrollment or fail to reply within the specified time will be considered as a refusal to register online. Students who refuse to register online would reserve the admission qualification for one year and come to school in September, 2021, but the scholarship will be re-evaluated. CSC, MOFCOM and CIS students shall follow the latest notice issued by the funding departments (CSC, the Ministry of Commerce and the Confucius Institute Headquarters).


Who can register online: International students enrolled in the fall of 2020 who are not in China now (except self-funded language students)


Self-funded language students outside China would reserve the admission qualification for one year and register in September2021.


The deadline for online registration: September 30th2020 (Subject to the time when students reply to the email)


How to pay tuition fee for online registration:

(1)    中国政府奖学金生和孔子学院奖学金生免学费。请在线上报到注册表中勾选“无需缴费”。

CSC students and CIS students are free of tuition fee. Please choose “No charge” in the Online Registration Form.

(2)    浙江省政府奖学金生和浙江师范大学奖学金A类学生的学费直接从奖学金中扣除。请在线上报到注册表中勾选“无需缴费”。

The tuition fee of Zhejiang Provincial Government scholarship students and Zhejiang Normal University Scholarship Type A students would be directly deducted from the scholarship. Please choose “No charge” in the Online Registration Form.

(3)    浙江师范大学奖学金B类学生及自费生需缴纳部分或全部学费。线上报到注册表上有两种选择。

Zhejiang Normal University Scholarship Type B students and Self-funded students need to pay part or all of the tuition fee. There are two options on the Online Registration Form.


Students can choose Apply for deferment of paying tuition fee in the Online Registration Form and sign the name. Students should pay tuition fee within one month after they enter China, otherwise they would be ordered to drop out of school.


Students can also choose “Entrust people in China to pay tuition fee. Before paying, students can confirm student ID number and the amount of tuition fee with international student office by email. People can go to any branch of ICBC within the territory of China to pay tuition fee by telling the bank staff that you want to pay tuition fee of ZJNU and telling them the student’s ID number. After payment, please keep the payment receipt properly and send the scanned copy of the receipt to the International Student Office by email, so as to confirm the payment status. Students who fail to pay tuition fee before September 30th will be deemed as abandonment of admission qualification.


Materials for Online Registration:

(1)  录取通知书扫描件Scanned copy of Admission Notice

(2)  护照扫描件Scanned copy of Passport

(3)  最高学历证书扫描件 Scanned copy of Highest Degree Diploma

(4)  线上报到注册表扫描件Scanned copy of Online Registration Form

(5)  承诺书扫描件Scanned copy of Letter of Commitment;

(6)  缴费回单扫描件Scanned copy of tuition fee payment receipt



The living expenses of CSC students and CIS students, and the rest scholarship of Zhejiang Provincial Government Scholarship students and Zhejiang Normal University Scholarship Type A students will be issued once students arrive in China, register on-site and pass the required qualification review.

2.     回复邮件时请留下你的联系方式,包括电话、邮箱、微信等,以便后续学院老师联系。

Please leave your contact information, including phone number, email address, WeChat and so on when you reply to the email, so that the teachers of the college can contact you later.


If you entrust others to pay tuition fee, please keep the receipt.


Letter of Commitment and Online Registration Form are in the attachment.


Students who refuse online registration should fill the Online Registration Form, select No in the column of Do you accept online registration, and send the scanned copy of Online Registration Form via email. If you have decided to give up the admission qualification, please attach a personal statement.

Online Registration Form&Letter of Commitment.docx