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Warmly Welcome 2021 ZJNUer!

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September still carries with it the bright sun and the blue skies, the renowned flowers of ZJNU are still blooming in full vitality, in their more various types and outstanding colors, to the delight of the passersby. The buzz and hurry of the multitude filled the air with excitement and youthfulness of the newly arrived students, ready for the start of a great adventure. The once quiet and almost empty campus is now filled again with warmth and liveliness. This is the beginning of a new school year at ZJNU.


On the morning of Friday, September 10th, the registration day for the freshmen was successfully held at ZJNU. Coming from different parts of the world, with different colors and nationalities, and different personalities and aspirations, yet all united by the dream of a prosperous academic future, the students successfully completed their registration process, marking the beginning of their journey at our university. 


Our diligent teachers were present and kindly assisted the students in the registration process, along with some older students who volunteered to help their new colleagues. The atmosphere was calm and peaceful, but the joy and enthusiasm of the new ZJNUers were quite remarkable. 


    And on September 12th, the Zhejiang Normal University’s 2021 Opening Ceremony took place in a magnificent event with the presence of the University’s leaders and nearly 8300 new students all ready to embark on the academic journey in pursuit of their dreams and aspirations. 


    Umar, from Nigeria, has recently arrived in ZJNU to achieve his masters degree in Electronics  and Information Technology at the College of Mathematics and Computer Science. He has only been in Jinhua for two weeks and his first impression of the University was its huge size. He finds the campus to be quite beautiful and hope to call this place home for the upcoming few years.

    Cissy from Rwanda was very happy and excited when she found out that she had been accepted at ZJNU. It was a dream she had been yearning for some time, after finding out that ZJNU ranking in China was one of the best and the most suitable option to pursue her masters degree. She expects to work hard and become one of the most diligent and active students.

    Abdullah, from Libya, who will be studying a bachelors degree in Computer Science, found ZJNU to be a well equipped learning institution, that provides so many choices in terms of majors and specialties. He also considers it a very good place to meet people from different cultures and backgrounds. He hopes that his studies will run smoothly, and is already considering to also pursue his masters and doctorate degrees at our university in the future