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Walk into technology companies and experience China's smart manufacturing

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Walk Into the technology company to feel China's

intellectual manufacturing

——Practical activities for international students in companies

On Nov. 17, the International Student Experience Program organized by the international office of Zhejiang Normal University and hosted by the College of Engineering was launched. International students from more than 10 colleges attended the event, aiming at experiencing " China's intellectual manufacturing ", understanding the modern management of Chinese enterprises, improving the employment awareness and ability of international students, expanding their vision, feeling the pulse of China's development in the new era, and cultivating them to become excellent talents who know and love China.

The first stop of the event was Zhejiang Zhengda Testing Technology Co. The company is an authoritative and independent engineering quality testing organization, which has been awarded as a high-quality enterprise (credit evaluation grade "AA") by the Ministry of Transport for many years. The international students visited the structural testing and material testing departments, and experienced the material testing and handling work under the guidance of the technical staff.

The second stop was Zhejiang Hooeasy intelligent technology Co. Hooeasy has a million-capacity manufacturing base of national high-tech enterprises, existing global more than 500 patents, pioneering the industry to obtain the "global design Grand Slam": Germany Red Dot Award, Germany iF Industrial Design Award, the United States IDEA Industrial Design Award and China Patent Design Excellence Award. The technical director took the visiting students to visit many core laboratories such as shell protection laboratory, electrical supervision laboratory, environmental reliability laboratory and light performance laboratory. He also took the intelligent drying rack and intelligent canopy as examples and explained in detail the R&D process of basic functions and performance, as well as the future product planning.

During the enterprise visits, international students felt the charm of technology enterprises, had a more intuitive understanding of China's technological development, and became interested in product innovation and research.They frequently communicated with the R&D personnel, carefully inquired about the design principle and advantages of the products, and explored the market prospect of such products in their home countries. The visit also helped the internationalization of Chinese enterprises and the international development of enterprises. It is reported that the university will build a platform of high-quality enterprise resources for the growth and success of international students, and will launch a series of visits in the near future.