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International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Camp went to Jinhua Panda Pig Two-End Black International Ranch to held the research activities

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International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Camp went to Jinhua Panda Pig Two-End Black International Ranch to held the research activities

On November 19th, more than 40 students from Zhejiang Normal University International Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Camp went to Jinhua Panda Pig Two-End Black International Ranch to held the research activities. The main purpose of this research is to help students understand the history of Panda Pig International Ranch's entrepreneurial development, the construction path and the achievements in driving local economic development of the Internet celebrity economic model. The research activity also interactive with overseas students through online live broadcast.

The first stop-Panda Pig Museum

The students first visited the Panda Pig Museum, the world's first popular science museum to introduce Jinhua's two end-black pigs, which have a history of at least 1,700 years. The whole exhibition hall adopts the novel and interesting style of online celebrity art exhibition to bring visitors an immersive interactive experience of the two end-black pigs culture and the mystery of the pig body from the perspective of vision, touch and hearing. In addition to exploring the secrets, students also clocked the panda piggy time tunnel, pink phone wall, giant IP wall and other online hot spots.

The second stop--Panda Pig Breeding Exhibition hall

Later, the students came to the Panda Pig breeding exhibition hall. The staff explained the breeding methods of pandas and pigs in the zoo. The 5G wisdom breeding center is the core of science and technology the ranch. With 5G technology, the Internet of things technology, sensor technology, wireless communication technology, real-time monitoring, AI intelligent cultivation, and other functions, make rare "Luxury Pig House", protecting Jinhua two-end black pigs like pandas , creating the best growth and living environment for them, caring for the health of every pig. Reducing the chances of large-scale disease outbreaks. Intelligent breeding technology is of epoch-making significance to save two black pig breeds, revitalize two black pig industries and fight against swine fever. There, international students had close contact with the modern piggery, saw two-end black pigs through the visual corridor, and visited the whole breeding process of the two black pigs from reserve, pregnancy, lactation, conservation and fattening.

The third stop-Pig Disney

Out of the exhibition hall, along the Tea Garden, we came to the last stop-"Pig Disney", where there were swings, carousel "Pigs", trampolines, slides, etc. And the international students had a great time playing...

"I think this study is particularly meaningful, let me learn a lot of content. In particular, modern science and technology to enable traditional culture, create Internet celebrity economy and drive the local economic development. We don't have such lovely pigs in our country, but if we can bring this idea and technology back to raise our cattle and sheep , and create a cultural circle, I believe the economic development of my hometown will be better. " Said  Fatima Zahra (Morrocan), an international student  from the College of Economics and Management.

The time of studying came to an end quietly in the laughter of international students, who gained knowledge and found happiness. We believe that through this research activity, international students will be inspired to connect the successful experience here with their own entrepreneurial dreams, and contribute to the construction of their hometown and motherland in the future!

Ranch Introduction

Jinhua two-end black pigs known as "Chinese panda pigs", is the national key protection of local livestock and poultry breeds, but also the only Chinese Pig to be included in the EU Geographical Indications Agreement Protection List. Panda Pig Two End Black International Ranch  set wisdom breeding tourism, popular science education, research group building, leisure tour happy to be integrated, aimed at developing two-end black panda pig as the brand IP series of creative, food and big health products, the revitalization of Jinhua two-end black pig industry. Ranch covers an area of 1200 acres, a total investment of 360 million, opened on August 1st has received more than 300,000 visitors, after the world irrigation project heritage of White Sand Creek 36, another new cultural landmark, but also for rural revitalization, common prosperity provides a model of the Wucheng district of Jinhua.