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Decoding Common Prosperity, Bringing Home China's Advanced Development Experience.

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On June 10th, was the celebration of the first anniversary of ''The Release of the Opinions of CPC Central Committee and State Council on Supporting Zhejiang's High-Quality Development Building a Common Prosperity Demonstration Zone''. As one of the first pilot cities of common prosperity in Zhejiang Province, Dongyang City of Jinhua, with the overall goal of "creating a strong and famous city in the new era and building a pioneer city of common prosperity", has taken a high-quality development path and marched forward on the track of building a pioneer city of common prosperity. From June 23rd to 24th, 31 international students from Zhejiang Normal University went to Dongyang to have a thematic social experience activity, to perceive the development achievements of common prosperity in China, and learn the development model of "one town, one village" in Dongyang.

Hengdian Town: Searching for the Common Prosperity Code of the "Oriental Hollywood"

From "looking up at the all mountains, having three meals of thin porridge to survive the famine, and not  letting women marry Hengdian men" to "film and television as the exterior, tourism as the interior, and culture as the soul", for more than 40 years, Hengdian has adhered to the concept of "co-creation, co-ownership, co-prosperity and sharing", creating a highland of film and television cultural innovation, and embarking on a road of common prosperity development with high-quality construction of the whole area of film and television cultural industry.

The international students first visited the No. 7 Battery Factory of DMEGC Magnetics. When they walked into the dust-free workshop of the "future factor" of DMEGC group, the fully automatic equipment and intelligent data monitoring made the students personally witness the meaning of technology empowerment and understand the transformation process of technology into productivity. "Can I have a chance to work here?", eagerly inquired one of the students. After the visit, many other students followed asking for business cards from the chairman of the East Magnetic Group to learn more about their factory. 

Afterwards, the international students visited the Hengdian Cultural Industry Park. In the New Yuanmingyuan Garden, students were stunned by the scale of Hengdian and the variety of its scenery, they admired Hengdian people's boldness to "create a base out of nothing" and their perseverance to continuously develop and innovate in order to achieve common prosperity. 

"In 26 years, Hengdian has got rid of poverty and  become the top in the industry. What is the key? Can my hometown do the same?", a student asked. 

Guo Zhongming, Foreign Affairs Office of Jinhua Municipal People's Government, gave his answer: First of all, you must seize development opportunities. The development of a region or even a country needs to grasp the market opportunities. Secondly, we should give full play to the role of the organization. Under the leadership of the Communist Party of China, Huayuan people have integrated resources, attracted talents and taken a characteristic and sustainable development path towards common prosperity. Finally, the development itself is open. We shoud look at the world and the regions that were pioneers in development should fully radiate in order to drive other regions to do the same.

Huayuan Village: an economic model of common prosperity driven by private economy

From the poor mountain village of "the village named of garden does not grow flowers, straw hut mud house poor family" to the top three wealthy villages in the country, Garden Village has come out of a collective economy, private economy, individual private economy, co-development, symbiosis and win-win common wealth road.

"It's so amazing, I can't believe this is a village!", excitedly pointed out one of the students. Garden Village schools, hospitals, commercial complexes, intelligent agriculture and modern factories, showed the students a new and rich countryside integrating industry, agriculture, trade and tourism. The concept of "one rich family doesn't represent wealth, but only common wealth is the real wealth" also had a strong impact on the international students during the visit. Students said that they had learned a lot and gained much more by experiencing the development results of the construction of the Garden Village personally. "My country is mainly agricultural, and the intelligent agriculture in the Garden Village gave me a glimpse of what my country can also achieve by adopting the same model", remarked one of the students. "I was impressed by the prosperity of Garden Village, and its innovative ideas are great, I want to learn more about its development", said another.

 The Lu's Family Residence: a cultural model for thousands of years of inheritance

Walking into the ancient, elegant and imposing "Folk Palace Museum"- the Lu's Family Residence -  the visitors are lead to a historical atmosphere. The wooden carvings, pagodas, palanquin and the orientation of the house all contain their corresponding meanings, showing the enduring Chinese culture to everyone. International students got to enjoy the making of tin pieces in the non-heritage experience area. Under the guidance of the master, all international students completed their own satisfactory works. Many students expressed: The people in Lu's Residence are doing a very good job in cultural heritage protection, cultural inheritance and tourism development, which is a great way to get rich."

Symposium: views exchange on common prosperity

After the field visit, international students participated enthusiatically in the symposium named "views exchange on common prosperity".

Madasi, a student from Tanzania, said, "I am very grateful for coming to China and studying at Zhejiang Normal University. During the two-day visit and experience, I learned many advanced ideas. The various achievements of Dongyang's common prosperity road have provided an example for other countries to follow. I will continue to pay attention to Dongyang's development and continue learning from it.''

At the symposium, international students expressed the hope of not only having the opportunity to walk around Dongyang, but also to participate in the construction of common prosperity in China, understand all aspects of common prosperity and take the advanced ideas back to their own countries to help in their own development. After that, Liu Yuan, Deputy Director of International Affairs Office of the Zhejiang Normal University, said that the purpose of the trip to Dongyang is to enable international students to more fully understand what common prosperity is,  how China has implemented common prosperity, and further understand its profound meaning. They were encouraged to introduce their ideas and experiences in China to more people and contribute to the promotion of people-to-people ties and the building of a community with a shared future for mankind.

This activity was co-sponsored by Zhejiang Normal University and Jinhua Foreign Affairs Office, and organized by Dongyang Foreign Affairs Office. It is reported that the second class of national conditions education for international students of Zhejiang Normal University has been held for 6 periods. By  "listening, seeing, speaking and writing'', the national conditions' education can be seen and experienced, so that international students can understand the real China and tell the Chinese story.