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Visa Services

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    Guidelines for Visa Application

    1.1General Information on Visas

    1.1.1 Period of Validity

    A visa is valid from the date of issue to the date ofexpiration as specified. Its holder is permitted to enter a territory withinthis period.

    1.1.2 Duration of Stay

    It refers to the length of time the visa holder is permittedto stay in a territory. Duration of Stay differs from the Period of Validity inthat the latter specifies a valid period for a visa holder to enter or re-enteror pass a territory.

    Forinstance, if a person holds a Chinese visa with a 3-month Period of Validityand a 15-day Duration of Stay, he/she is permitted to enter China in any givenday within the three months but only to stay 15 days in the country afterhis/her entry.

    Forexample, Chinese X1 Visa holders are generally granted a 30-dayDuration of Stay.

    1.1.3 Number of Entries

    Visas are issued with three types of valid entries - SingleEntry, Double Entry, and Multiple Entries.

    SingleEntry expires when the visa holder has entered the territory.

    DoubleEntry expires when the visa holder has entered the territory twice.

    MultipleEntries are valid for its holder to enter and re-enter the territory within thevisa’s Period of Validity.

    Chinese X1 visa is usually Single Entry. Its holder has to apply for a residence permitafter his/her entry.

    Note: An international student is permitted to study in Chinaonly when he/she holds a valid passport and a valid student visa (X visa).

    1.2Student Visa

    1.2.1 Procedures for Student Visa Application

    Step 1: An international applicant for student visa isrequired to submit all the following documents to Student Service Office of his/hercollege.

    (1) Receipt of Tuition (for self-funding international students)

    (2) Receipt of Textbooks (for all internationalundergraduates)

    (3) a valid passport (valid for at least 6 months before itsexpiration)

    (4) photocopy of the applicant’s passport

    (5) photocopy of the applicant’s visa

    (6) photocopy of the applicant’s latest entry


    Step 2: The Student Service Office of the applicant’s collegewill collect all the required documents and submit them to the InternationalStudents Office (at Department of International Exchange and Cooperation, Room401, North Wing of Administration Center) for approval. The latter will issuenecessary visa documents within 3 - 5 days, if the application is approved.


    Step 3: The applicant can claim the visa documents withhis/her visa at the Student Service Office of his/her college and go to the Exit-EntryAdministration Department of Jinhua Public Security Bureau to apply for a newstudent visa.

    All the following documents are required for your applicationat the Exit-Entry Administration Department of Jinhua Public Security Bureau.

    (1) Valid passport (validfor at least 6 months before its expiration)

    (2) Clarificationof Student Status (issued by Department of International Exchange andCooperation of ZJNU)

    (3) Photocopy of Letter of Admission (which can be obtainedfrom the Student Service Office of the applicant’s college)

    (4) Visa Application for Study in China (JW201/JW202) (whichcan be obtained from the Student Service Office of the applicant’s college)

    (5) Photocopy of the applicant’s passport

    (6) Photocopy of the applicant’s visa

    (7) Photocopy of the applicant’s latest entry

    (8) The applicant’s recent color passport photo

    (9) Registration Form of Temporary Residence.


    Notes on the application for temporary residence:

    a. An application for temporary residence should be made uponeach entry.

    b. An application for temporary residence should be madewhenever residence is changed.

    c. An application for temporary residence should be madewhenever there is a change in the student’s profile. (Profile informationincludes the applicant’s English name, nationality, passport number, expirationdate of the passport, the applicant’s residence address, the applicant’s phonenumber.)

    d. The application form for temporary residence can beobtained from the reception desk when an international student checks into ahotel.

    e. The application form for temporary residence should behanded in with the student’s valid passport and lease agreement (or proof ofhis/her stay at a hotel).

    f. The application for temporary residence should be madewithin 24 hours after check-in or move-in, or within 72 hours if the residenceis in a rural area. Failure to make timely application will result in anAdministrative Punishment (reprimand or fine), which will affect later visaapplication and re-entry.

    g. On-campus residents can make the application for temporaryresidence at the reception hall of his/her apartment building.

    h. An international student who lives off campus is requiredto make the application for temporary residence at the local police station(with passport and lease agreement or proof of his/her stay at a hotel).

    i. International students intending to live off-campus aroundthe university are required to go through necessary formalities for temporaryresidence at Xinshi Police Station.

    Address of Xinshi Police Station: Beishan Road, Jinhua (nearthe New Century School)

    Tel: 0579-82288325


    (10) photocopy of Certificate of Health Examination forInternational Travelers.

    International students should have their health examined atthe Jinhua Branch of Zhejiang International Travel Health Care Center. Thelatter will issue the certificate on the same day of the examination.

    Notes on medical examination:

    a. An international student should have his/her healthexamined in his/her home country as specified on the Physical ExaminationRecord for Foreigner before he/she enters China.

    b. Upon his/her arrival on campus, the student should havehis/her health documents authenticated, with his/her passport, PhysicalExamination Record for Foreigner, blood test results, and four passport photos,at the agency specified by Jinhua Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau.

    c. Anyone without Physical Examination Record for Foreigneror with some unqualified items on the record is required to have a medicalexamination. The examination will be valid for 1 year.

    d. Refusal to take the above-mentioned medical examination orfailure to pass it will automatically invalidate ZJNU’s admission. The studentin question is required to leave China immediately at his/her own expense. 

    e. The student in question is responsible for the cost of themedical examination and the transportation to the examination agency.

    The Jinhua Branch of Zhejiang International Travel HealthCare Center is the agency for medical examination specified by JinhuaEntry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau.

    Address:1000 Songlian Road, Jindong District (south to theShi-Guang-Nan Musical Square)

    Tel: +86 (579)-8218-5088; +86 (579)-8218-5089

    Buses: Bus #9; Bus #10; Bus #28 and Bus #34

    1.2.2 Notes on Student Visas

    (1) If  an international student’s visa will expirein 1 month, he/she is required to apply for a new one.

    (2) If the applicant’s passport and visa expire about thesame time, the holder should apply to the embassy for a new passport 6 monthsbefore they expire. In this case, the application for the new visa can only bemade with the new passport.

    (3) The period of validity should not be longer than thestudent’s study in the university. For an international student without anyscholarship, its length is determined by his/her tuition: If his/her tuition andfees can cover one academic year, his/her period of visa validity will be one academicyear. If his/her tuition and fees can cover one semester, his/her period of visavalidity will be one semester.

    (4) A transferred international student is required to submita report about his/her academic study in his/her previous university whenhe/she applies for a program and visa extension at ZJNU.

    (5) When there is any modification of the student profileinformation (including the student’s English name, nationality, passportnumber, expiration date of the passport, the student’s residence address, the student’sphone number), the student should apply immediately for the Registration Formof Temporary Residence at the local police station.

    (6) If an international student with a valid visa has appliedfor a new passport, he/she should revise his/her profile information at theInternational Students Office of ZJNU within 10 days after the issue of the newpassport.

    (7) If an international student has applied for an L visa(tourist visa), or a visa waiver, or an M visa (business visa) during his/herstudy, he/she is required to apply for JW202 at the International StudentsOffice of ZJNU upon re-entry. (There is a charge of 400 yuan.)

    (8) An international student with an expired visa has to paya fine (with required documents) at Jinhua Wucheng District Public SecurityBureau before he/she can follow the visa procedure to make the application for anew visa at the Exit-Entry Administration Department of Jinhua Public SecurityBureau.

    Address of Jinhua Wucheng Public Security Bureau:2888 Huancheng West Road.Address of the Exit-Entry Administration Department of Jinhua Public SecurityBureau:1055 Bayi North Street

    (9) International students are required to claim theirpassports at the Exit-Entry Administration Department of Jinhua Public SecurityBureau on the day specified in the Notice of Claim. Claims made after thespecified date will not be processed.

    (10) Without permission from authorities in the Chinesegovernment, students with X visas are not allowed to take jobs.

    (11) The Exit-Entry Administration Department of JinhuaPublic Security Bureau makes a final decision on the period of validity of astudent visa.

    1.2.3 Time to Apply for Student Visa

    Spring Semester: any weekday between the first day of thesemester and June 30th

       Fall Semester: any weekday between the first day of the semester andJanuary 10th

       Service is not available on weekends or holidays

    1.2.4 Application for student visa will bedeclined if any of the following occurs.

    (1) Failure to pay full tuition and fees

    (2) Failure to submit Registration Form of TemporaryResidence or to apply for temporary residence to the Student Service Office ofhis/her college

    (3) Failure to submit all the required documents

    (4) Poor academic performance (such as too much absence fromclass)

    (5) Violation of Chinese law or school regulations

    (6) Students without valid ZJNU’s student status

    1.2.5 Cancellation of Student Visa

    When aninternational student drops out, or files for temporary absence, or istransferred, or is dismissed, his/her student visa becomes invalid and an Lvisa (tourist visa) with a 10-15 days’ validity and 0 entry will be issuedinstead.

    1.3Other Issues

    1.3.1 Lost Visa

    Follow the following procedure when your passport is lost:

    (1) Report your loss to the Exit-Entry AdministrationDepartment of the local Public Security Bureau and obtain a Declaration of LostArticles.

    (2) Apply for the Certificate of Lost Passport at theExit-Entry Administration Department of Jinhua Public Security Bureau. The followingdocuments are required: Declaration of Lost Articles; a photocopy of yourpassport’s data page, the photo page, and the latest visa page; RegistrationForm of Temporary Residence; Two (2) passport photos.

    (3) Apply to your embassy for a new passport with theabove-mentioned Certificate of Lost Passport.

    (4) Within 10 days of the issue of the new passport, fill outthe Registration Form of Temporary Residence and file the Visa and ResidencePermit Application Form at the Students Service Office of your college.

    1.3.2 Visa for Student’s Spouse and Children

    The period of validity for a student’s family member shallnot be longer than that of the student. The length is determined by theExit-Entry Administration Department of Jinhua Public Security Bureau. Eachfamily member is required to submit the following documents for his/her visaapplication:

    (1) The spouse or a child’s valid passport or travel document(with the passport or travel document’s data page, photo page, and the latestentry stamp) and a photocopy of these pages

    (2) Registration Form of Temporary Residence

    (3) Legal documents verifying the relationship between thefamily member and the student. If the student’s spouse is not a Chinesecitizen, a marriage certificate is required. If the student’s child is not aChinese citizen, either a birth certificate or a relationship declaration isrequired

    (4) Legal documents issued by foreign agencies have to beauthenticated by a Chinese embassy or consulate

    (5) The student’s letter of identification issued by ZJNU

    (6) A recent color passport photo (bare-head, full faceagainst a light background)

    1.4Location of the Exit-Entry Administration Department of Jinhua Public SecurityBureau

    The applicant is required to go to the Exit-EntryAdministration Department of Jinhua Public Security Bureau and submit his/herdocuments for the new visa application. The cost of the application is on theapplicant.

    Address of the Exit-Entry Administration Department of Jinhua Public SecurityBureau:1055 Bayi North Street.

    Bus: The following buses can take you there: BRT1, and BusK127.