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    Sistercity Scholarship of Jinhua Municipal People’s Government

    In order to actively put into place of President Xi Jinping’s “Belt and Road” Initiative, promote the internationalization of Jinhua’s education, attract more foreign students, enhance their understanding and friendship with Jinhua, and encourage international students to learn Chinese and Chinese culture, our government has set up a special scholarship program for overseas students who want to pursue a study in Jinhua’s local universities, such as Zhejiang Normal University.

    The scholarship falls into two categories and different award standards are adopted:

    1. Category A scholarship is intended for excellent students who want to receive junior college or above education programs in our city with the standard of RMB 20,000 Yuan per academic year.

    2. Category B scholarship is intended for excellent students who want to pursue a higher education program for one semester or longer in our city with the standard of RMB 10,000 Yuan per academic year.

    3. Students who are from and recommended by the twin cities are entitled to the said scholarships. Those who have studied in Jinhua for one academic year or above enjoy Category A Scholarship and those who with less than one year can get Category B Scholarship.

    1.Application Requirements

    (1)Basic requirements

    Applicants who apply undergraduate programs should be under 30 years old and hold High School Diplomas.

    Applicants who apply postgraduate programs should be under 35 years old and hold Bachelor Degree Certificates and 2 recommendation letters from professors or associate professors.

    Applicants who apply doctoral degree programs should be under 40 years old and hold Master Degree Certificates and 2 recommendation letters from professors or associate professors.

    (2) Other requirements

    Applicants should be friendly and healthy with foreign nationality and passports;

    Applicants should observe disciplines and obey laws.

    Applicants who apply for programs taught in Chinese should provide HSK Certificates or other Chinese language proficiency certificates. Applicants who apply for programs taught in English should provide IELTS, TOEFL or GRE Certificates or other English language proficiency certificates.

    No other scholarships.

    2.Application Procedures

    a. Eligible applicants should apply online

    http://admission.zjnu.edu.cnbefore July 30.

    b. ZJNU is responsible for reviewing the qualification of applicants, and will select applicants based of the selection process who meet with our demands.

    c. If being admitted, students should pay 400 yuan or 70 dollars as registration fee.

    d. Admission documents including JW 202 Form and Admission Notice will be posted.

    3.Application documents

    a. Photocopy of passport photo page.

    b. Foreigner Physical Examination Form completed in English (Download at http://iso.zjnu.edu.cn/wpplicationwwocuments/list.htm).

    The physical examinations must cover all the items listed in the Foreigner Physical Examination Form. Incomplete records or those without the signature of the attending physician, the official stamp of the hospital or a sealed photograph of the applicants are invalid.

    c. Notarized highest education diplomas attained, proof of study and transcripts (need to be translated into Chinese or English, and confirmation of your former school or local department).

    d. Studying plans and goals.

    e. Two letters of recommendation from your teachers  


    a. Inconformity of the passport name used in the applicant documents with the scanning copy, or deficiency in conformation materials will be regarded as nullity.

    b. Applicants who get the scholarship but can not arrive on time should inform us on paper and explain the reasons by 15 days before the registration day, otherwise the scholarship will be canceled and can not be applied again.

    c. Students who fail in the entrance physical examination will not receive the scholarship.   

    5.Contact Information

    Office for International Students, Zhejiang Normal University

    Address: 688 Yingbin Avenue, Jinhua City,  Zhejiang Province, 321004, P.R. China 

    Tel0579-82283155, 82283146



    Emailadmission@zjnu.edu.cn; zjnu@vip.126.com